What is the Visa Credit Card Generator?

The Visa Credit Card Generator is a tool developed by us that generates valid Visa credit card numbers along with all the essential details of an individual account such as Name, CVV, Expiration Date, and Country.

This tool also allows you to generate multiple Visa credit card numbers. Every credit card number will have a unique set of valid information. You can use your generated Visa credit card number anywhere you wish without worrying about failing the verification procedure.

How does the Visa Credit Card Generator Work?

Visa Credit Card Generator tool randomly generates valid Visa credit card numbers while following the rules of the Luhn Algorithm, also known as Modulus 10 Algorithm. It is the same algorithm that is used for credit card number verification.

Our tool uses the standard generation procedure that the major credit card issuers use to generate credit card numbers. All the Visa credit card numbers provided by us are completely valid and unique.

We do not share any real or expired Visa credit card numbers with you.

Steps to Generate a Visa Credit Card with Our Generator

Follow these steps to generate a Visa credit card using our Visa credit card generator tool:

  • Choose the available options to customize your Visa credit card like CVV/CVV2, Country, Money, and Data Range
  • If you don't want to customize them, the generator is set to 'Random' by default. It will randomly generate all the details.
  • Click on the "Generate" button to generate your Visa credit card.
  • Your generated Visa credit card will be available on the screen instantly.
  • You can now copy or download the details of your generated Visa credit card.
  • It is also possible to note down the details manually.

This is how you can generate a Visa credit card using our generator within a few seconds.

Features of Visa Credit Card

Here are the key features of a Visa credit card. If you know these, you can quickly identify if a Visa credit card is legit or fake.

  • Visa credit card numbers always start with 4.
  • Visa credit card digit length is always 16.
  • The first six digits of a Visa credit card number are known as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) or Bank Identification Number (BIN).

These features will help you to identify your Visa credit card number.

Uses of Visa Credit Card

Visa is one of the most popular issuers of credit cards. If you own a Visa credit card, you can use it at any website or shopping portal. If a service is offering a free trial but asking you to enter your credit card details, you can enter the details of your generated Visa credit card to claim the free trial offer.

Another use of the generated Visa credit card number is to test the payment gateway of your new e-Commerce or Shopify website. It is important to test the apps, software, or websites to avoid any transactional issues.

Generated Visa credit cards can be used at any place where you are asked to enter your real credit card details. It can protect your real details from thefts and attacks. However, you can't use the generated credit cards to make transactions or purchase anything online.

Is Visa Credit Card Safe to Use?

Yes, the Visa credit card numbers you generate using our Visa credit card generator are 100% safe and secure. You don't have to worry about its credibility. It completely satisfies the rules of the Luhn Algorithm, and thus, always passes the verification tests.

We neither provide real or expired Visa credit card numbers nor ask you to link your real details with the generated credit cards. Therefore, our service is completely safe.

Issuer Identification Number (IIN) Table

You can verify your Visa credit card by taking a look at the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), also known as Bank Identification Number (BIN).

American Express34, 3715
Bankcard5610, 560221 – 56022516
China T-Union3119
China UnionPay62, 8116 - 19
Diners Club enRoute2014, 214915
Diners Club International3614 - 19
300 – 305, 3095, 38 – 3916 - 19
Diners Club United States & Canada54, 5516
Discover Card6011, 622126 - 622925, 624000 - 626999, 628200 - 628899, 64, 6516 - 19
UkrCard6040, 604116
RuPay60, 6521, 652216
InterPayment63616 - 19
InstaPayment637 - 63916
JCB3528 – 358916 - 19
Laser6304, 6706, 6771, 670916 - 19
Maestro (UK)6759, 676770, 67677412 - 19
Maestro50, 56 – 6912 - 19
4571 (Visa co-branded)16
MIR2200 – 220416
NPS Pridnestrovie6054740 - 605474416
Mastercard2221 - 272016
51 – 5516
Solo6334, 676716, 18, 19
Switch4903, 4905, 4911, 4936, 564182, 633110, 6333, 675916, 18, 19
Troy979200 – 97928916
Visa4 (include partner brands: Dankort, Electron, etc.)16
Verve506099 – 506198, 650002 – 65002716, 19

If you want to know about other details like Card Issuer, Country, Card Type, and other details, you can use our 'Credit Card Validator' tool.